This job doesn’t pay cash 

When I envisioned the life of a stay at home mom I pictured sleeping in, naps, catching up on tv and playing with my baby all day long. Little did I know id be praying for afternoon nap time just to get the dishes washed so my husband wouldn’t think I did nothing today because I slept through all three morning naps from pure exhaustion. It’s definitely not the breeze I had imagined but it is the most rewarding job I have ever been blessed to have. I never knew you could become so oblivious to vomit… You always hear these stories about how you don’t get a shower and you don’t sleep and your baby barfs on you nonstop but you don’t think it’s real and some of it isn’t. Oh but some of it is… Like when someone stops you to tell you that you have vomit running down your back at the gas station but there’s no time to go home and change because you need to go to walmart before you’re sleeping baby wakes back up so rock that vomit stained shirt mama becaise aint nobody got time for a shirt change. On the the upswing I have become quite the homemaker (specilaizing in power cleaning to make myself look more productive). Being a stay at home mom doesnt pay cash but it sure does make you realize how rich you are.


Shout out to the working mother…

As I sit here writing this blog I have a baby on one boob and bags under both eyes. I am fortunate that when I had my daughter 6 months ago I got to leave my management position for the coveted stay at home mom life of leisure…. Or so I thought! Recently the person who took my job decided to quit and therefore they needed a new manager. Left with nobody to train her they called me and offered to pay me to train the new manager and bring my baby along since i dont have daycare. Today marks the first day of the second week of training. I am exhausted. I’m only working 4 hours a day! I always thought stay at home moms had it made and now that I am one I know how wrong I was, it’s a very tough job but now that I’ve had a taste of the working mom world I have to say I don’t know how some of you ladies stay sane! So I just wanted to write a little something to give mad props to you workin mamas! You are superheroes and deserve a raise đŸ™Œ

Elective C-Section… Did She Just Say That?!?

Im Sarah and I had an elective c-section. 
Hi Sarah. 
I wanted a c-section from the time I found out how babies come out. Something about it just never sat well with me. I know everyone must be afraid of child birth. I am aware of that, my fear is on another level. I did not want a baby coming out of there and nothing was ever going to change my mind. When we made the decision to get pregnant I made a preconception counseling appt with my current ob/gyn I explained how I felt, the medical issues I felt backed that up, and why I thought a c-section was the best decision for me. He did not agree. understandably so as he said he didn’t know anyone who felt the way I do. He said he thought it was anxiety and that medication would help. Well I’m here to tell you as someone who has generalized anxiety disorder this is NOT an anxiety issue. I will always feel this way and no amount of medication will change that. Happily I manage my anxiety medication free now but even when I was on it I still felt the same as I do now. So after crying like a baby in the office I told the doctor that I would not get pregnant if it meant I would be forced into a natural delivery (making my dislike towards natural birth even worse) but I went home and at the end of the day knew I really wanted to get pregnant. The nurse at my doctors office said there were other doctors there and she would talk to one and see what he thought of my situation. I tried to convince myself I could do it naturally bc I would have the baby I really wanted. I watched videos and cried and cried thinking there was no way I could go through with it. I ended up finding a condotion called tokophobia and although some cases are extreme I believe that’s what I have. It’s an irrational fear of natural child birth. I am not the only one that feels this way. I did extensive research on c sections and I knew that it wasn’t going to be a walk in the park but for me it was the right decision. I got a call from the nurse about a week later and she said there was another physician in the office that was willing to meet with me. I scheduled an appt. Meeting my doctor I felt so at ease. He never made me feel bad or wrong. He explained the risks and that my decision wasn’t to be taken lightly and he felt I had done enough research that he agreed. He said in his oath he promised to do no harmand he felt forcing me to have a natural delivery would do me harm and that was that. He often offered me the opportunity to change my mind and go the natural route but never pressured or made me feel bad. I wish every doctor made their patients feel this way. He is a saint in my mind and made my pregnancy the best it could be. I ultimately scheduled a c section at 39 weeks and do not regret my decision at all. There were some painful times with it but I think mine went off without a hitch. I was off pain meds by day two and only took Motrin as needed. I was also breast feeding which motivated me not to medicate if at all possible. I know natural child birth is the “safest” they say and that the rising c-section rate is alarming to the people who decide what’s alarming but I think a woman knows her body and knows what’s right for herself. That’s why I made my decision. I will never regret it. I know that without a doubt. My elective c-section was the right decision for me and my baby. 

And so it begins…

I’m a blogger! Who knew blogging could be so easy?!? So a little about me… I’m a new mom. My daughter is 6 months old which means I’m an expert now and can give all the new moms that glorious (unwanted, unneeded, I don’t care what you did in the 80’s) advice. Sigh*. I wanted to start writing a blog about my life now and my adventures in motherhood. I was always a slightly OCD, play by the rules, hard working and independent woman until I became a new mother. Now I am a stare at my baby, cry for no reason, can’t listen to Darius Ruckers “it won’t be like this for long”, stay at home mom! The day my daughter was born changed my life forever  I’m a planner by nature always have been always will be until Peyton Rose came along and turned my world upside down in all the best ways you could ever imagine. Hopefully you’ll read along and laugh maybe cry, maybe laugh so hard you cry who knows but I’m looking forward to it!!